Best Tent Stakes for Camping and Backpacking

Camping is a great way to explore nature, just make sure to pack the right tent stakes or pegs for your trip. Remember, camping in wind, snow, sand or rocky conditions all require different types of tent stakes to properly secure your tent!

Best Tents Stakes for Wind

Non-Rust Tent Peg StakesAlways check the weather before your next outing, if you are expecting strong winds or other bad weather make sure to pack tent stakes that are strong enough to hold your tent in place. Our pick for the best tent stakes for windy conditions is the SE Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Peg Stakes.

These heavy duty stakes measure in at 10.5 inches and have a tough PVC top that will not fracture or chip when being hammered. The extra large size of these stakes also makes them perfect for holding down canopies and other camping structures during wind.

Best Tent Stakes for Backpacking

Tripmas Ultralight Aluminum Tent StakesA backpacking trip is a great way to get away and explore nature, unfortunately you still need carry all your supplies with you and that includes tent stakes. Good backpacking tent stakes should be ultralight, able to use in any soil condition and durable enough to withstand mallets and being in a backpack.

Our top rated backpacking tent stakes are the Tripmas Ultralight Aluminum Tent Stakes. These lightweight stakes are made of aviation aluminium alloy that allows them to weigh only 14 grams while still holding your tent to the ground. The unique rhombic shape provides extra surface area for extra hold strength in sand or soft soil.

Best Tent Stakes Hard Ground

Tent stakes for camping on hard soil typically need to be metal, have some sort of point and a tough top so they can be driven into the ground. If the ground is too hard try sprinkling some water on the ground before driving in your stakes.

Our favorite tent stakes for hard ground camping are the Kungix 7″ Aluminium Tent StakesThese aeorospace aluminum tent pegs Y fins give extra hold strength and and even light enough to use on backpacking trips.

Each stake also has a reflective rip cord that reveals the stakes in the dark and comes with a waterproof storage bag.

Best Tent Stakes for Sand

JOGR Snow and Sand TentWe love camping on the beach and in order to secure our tent and pavilion in the sand you will need extra long stakes or a piece of wood, a shovel and some extra rope. Securing tents and pavilions in sand can be tough due to the lose soil and windy conditions on the beach. Using extra long tent stakes like JOGR Snow and Sand Tent Stakes will keep your pack light and secure your gear.

Another easy way to keep your tent staked down on the beach is to bury a piece of driftwood a few feet in the sand and adjust your tent roll as necessary. Burying the driftwood parallel to the ground give it the strength it needs to stay secure in the loose sand.

Best Tent Stakes for Rocky Soil

Obecome Tent PegsNot all soil is soft, sometimes you might have to pitch your tent on rocky soil. If you find yourself planning a trip to rocky terrain make sure to pack tent stakes designed for rocky soil like the Obecome Black Heavy Duty High Strength Steel Camping Tent Pegs.

These 8 inch stakes are made of forged steel that allows them to be driven into tough rocky ground.

Best Tent Stakes for Snow

Cosmos Orange Aluminum Tent StakesCamping and backpacking in the winter is always a fun trip, but you need to make sure your tent stakes are strong enough to withstand a winter storm.

Snow tent stakes should be light enough to carry in your pack but large enough to secure the corners of the tent.

Our pick for the best snow tent pegs are the Cosmos Orange Aluminum Tent Stakes. These stakes are 12 inches and weigh less than half a pound while the “U” shaped design increases holding strength.

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