Fishing Pole Storage Ideas

Organized Fishing Modular Wall Rack

Fisherman are always look for new fishing pole storage ideas to keep their rods safe while they are not in use. A good fishing pole is a valuable piece of equipment that can be a fisherman’s best friend for many years if it is properly cared for.

There are many ways to store your fishing poles that will keep them out of harms way and in perfect condition for your next fishing trip. In this article we will review the best options for storing your fishing rods and gear that will keep them neat, organized and free from and damage.

Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

One of the best fishing rod storage methods is a wall mounted unit. Wall mounted fishing hold your fishing poles horizontally or vertically and can often hold multiple rods at the same time. One requirement for this style of rod storage is to have strong studs in your wall to insert screws into.

Berkley Horizontal Rod Rack

Berkley Black Horizontal Rod RackOne of the best wall mounted fishing rod storage systems is the Berkley Horizontal Rod Rack. This rod holder can hold up to four rods at once and fits almost any size fishing rod. The inside of the holders are lined with foam grip pads that keep your rods safe and prevent cracks and chips from forming while being stored.

The unit weighs about 7 ounces without any rods in it and is easy to hang on any garage, boat or camper wall. While it is recommended that you install this rack on top of studs it is not necessary as long as your fishing rods are not too heavy.

If you cant install this unit using nails or screws try using some strong glue. Most industrial strength glues are strong enough to hold the the rod rack to the wall without you having to worry about it falling off.

Organized Fishing Modular Wall Rack

Organized Fishing Modular Wall RackAnother popular wall mounted fishing rod storage option is the Organized Fishing Modular Wall Rack. This vertical fishing rod holder can hold up to 8 fishing rods at a time.

The Modular Wall Rack has a built in Track Rack system that allows you to insert and remove rubber storage clips to maximize your storage space and allow you to store your gear with the gear still attached. The bottom part of the holder has rubber diamond plates to protect the butts of your rods from cracking.

One of the best features of this rod holder is that it can link to other similar models if you need more storage. This makes this storage idea perfect for fisherman with large collections of rods that they need to protect.

The unit measures 4 1/2 x 20 4/5 x 2 3/4″ and weighs about 2.5 pounds. It also comes with clips of various sizes so you are sure to have a clip that is the right size to keep your favorite poles safe.

Ceiling Mounted Fishing Pole Storage Ideas

Another safe place to consider storing your fishing rods is in a ceiling mounted rod holder. Ceiling mounted fishing rod holders are very similar to wall mounted fishing rod holders except they are on the ceiling. Most people choose to mount theirs on the ceiling in their garage but this style of rod storage can also be installed in boats, campers, lake houses and recreational vehicles.

Acrylic Ceiling Fishing Rod Storage & Display Rack

Fishing Rod Storage & Display Rack If you are looking for a ceiling mounted rod storage unit then make sure to look at the Acrylic Ceiling Fishing Rod Storage & Display Rack

Storing your rods on the ceiling is a great way to keep them out of harms way and have easy access to them at a moments notice. It was engineered to be installed in an garage, RV, boat or motor home and you can even line up multiple units to expand your storage.

The unit is crafted out of 3/8 inch think acrylic to show off your rod to all your friends. The recommended mounting distance is 48 inches and the product comes with mounting hardware as well as a lifetime warranty.

RACK’EM Overhead Fishing Rod Rack

Another ceiling mounted rod holder among fisherman is the Rack’em Overhead Fishing Rod Rack. This fishing rod holder can hold up to 12 rods and nets and can be installed in almost any location, indoors or outside. The metal hooks are powder coated to provide extra protection to the racks and reels.

It is easy to install this overhead rod rack in any garage on in any boat. The unit attaches via small screws and weighs about 2 pounds. The rack is constructed out of solid steel instead of plastic to prevent structural damage to the unit and give it a long lifespan storing your gear.

It is easy to get rods into and out of this unit manufactured by Rack’em and it is a great choice for holding any fishing gear.

Stand Alone Fishing Pole Storage Ideas

If mounting a unit to the wall or ceiling is not an option another fishing pole storage idea is a stand alone unit. Stand alone storage units typically sit on the floor and have locking wheels to easily position the unit.

In addition to holding the unit they typically have room for tackle boxes as well as other gear. There are many different styles of these on the market, some are made out of plastic and meant for your garage or tool shed while others are hand crafted out of beautiful room and would make the perfect addition to your trophy room.

Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack

Rush Creek 12-Rod Corner RackOne of the most unique stand alone fishing rod racks is the Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack.  Unlike other stand alone units that simply sit along side a wall or in the back of a shed the Rush Creek Corner Rod Rack is designed to fit neatly into the corner of your garage or trophy room.

The unit is hand built from solid pine with a skip-peel finish. The finish is a Scratch-resistant, rich polyurethane finish that helps protect your poles from scratches and cracks.

The corner rod rack is designed to hold up to 12 rods at once and its minimalist design allows it to fit into any corner in your house while still looking great.ntial ruin your favorite pole.

Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley Rolling Wire Rack

Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley Rolling Wire RackSometimes it is better to have a rod rack that can be easily moved. The Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley Rolling Wire Rack is the perfect solution for the on the go fisherman that needs to be able to store and move a lot of gear and poles at a moments notice.

This tackle trolley can hold up to 12 rods and reels at a time on its outer racks. Rubber clips secure the shafts of the rods to protect them and keep them from falling out.

There are three adjustable shelves that can hold up to 50 pounds each. These shelves are the perfect place to keep your tackle box, bait box and any other gear your might own.

The trolley has four wheels on the bottom that allow for easy movement and positioning of the unit. Once you have the rack in the perfect place to wheels lock securely in place to keep it from rolling around your garage or storage unit.

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