Best Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rod Holders

One problem that every fisherman has is where to store their fishing rods. The average fisherman owns 3 fishing rods and storing them can be tough. Keeping them in your garage is always an option but the moisture, vehicles and animals can cause permanent damage to your equipment and keeping them in your house or attic can bring similar problems.

One of the best ways to avoid problems storing your rods is to keep them in a ceiling fishing rod holder. A ceiling mounted fishing rod holder offers many advantages over other types of rod holders and almost every garage has adequate space. If you have every used a screwdriver you will find them easy to install and your wife will love having your fishing gear out of the way.

We looked at almost every ceiling mounted fishing rod holder on the market and compared build quality, number of rods held, price and mount stability. In the end three rod holders stood out from the crowd, the Rack’Em 12 Rod Ceiling Or Boat Bimini Top Rod Rack, the DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System and the Ultimate Rod Sitter.  If you are looking for a quality ceiling pole holder check out the three products below.

Rack’Em 12 Rod Ceiling Or Boat Bimini Top Rod Rack

Rack'Em Overhead 12-Rod Fishing Rod RackThe first fishing rod rack that we looked at was the 12 Rod Ceiling or Bimini Rod Rack by Rack’em. This pole holder is a great fit for fishermen that needs a holder for their garage and for their boat.

The holder is made out of vinyl coated steel to prevent rust and corrosion giving it a long life even in wet conditions. It is able to hold 12 rods and nets at the same time making it a great choice for a family that loves to go fishing.

How to install –

A common question that many people ask when buying something is how difficult is it to install. All it takes to install this pole holder is a screwdriver and one other adult. The first step is to measure out exactly where you want to install it.

Remember the saying measure twice, cut once. For this part you will need another adult to help hold the rod holder flush to the ceiling while you measure. Once you are done measuring all that is left is to insert your screws into the corners. After all your screws are tightly secured you can start storing your fishing poles safely, and out of the way!

Pros –

  • Vinyl coated steel construction
  • Holds 12 fishing rods or nets
  • Easy to mount

Potential problems –

  • 2 adults are needed to safely install this product


Overall, this ceiling mounted fishing rod rack is a great choice for any fisherman. It is built to last and can be installed in a variety of places making it perfect for anglers that are always on the go!

DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System

DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System.The second fishing rod storage system that we like was the DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System. We like this rod holder for a number of reasons and think that it would be a great fit in your garage or storage shed. The first reason that we loved it was the ability to install it horizontally or vertically. This allows for it to be installed almost anywhere!

Another important feature is the ability to store fishing poles with their reels on. This decreases set up time and lets you get right to fishing. Finally, we loved that it can hold up to 6 rods at once, an essential feature for any serious fisherman.

How to install –

This product is relatively easy to install if you have every been around a screwdriver before. All that is necessary is a small step ladder and a power screw driver. There are 8 screws to install and installation takes about 10 minutes.

Pros –

  • Holds 6 fishing rods
  • Easy to install
  • Rust resistant
  • Mount horizontal or vertical
  • Fully adjustable

Potential problems –

  • If you own more than 6 fishing rods you may need a bigger holder!

Summary –

The Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System is an excellent storage system that comes at a great price. If you own 6 or less poles and need a vertical or horizontal storage solution be sure to consider this rod rock.

Ultimate Rod Sitter – 10 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Ultimate Rod Sitter - 10 Fishing Rod Storage RackThe final rod rack we checked out was the Ultimate Rod Sitter made by ColdTuna. This rod has a number of great features. First, it is able to hold 10 rods of any kind, with their reels attached. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or overhead at any angle making it perfect for those “weird” garages.

Constructed out of 1/4 inch ABS plastic this rod holder is heat and cold resistant so you do not have to worry about your fishing gear during the cold winter or hot summer.

How to install –

Installation is easy, this product can be installed via screws, nails or a strong putty or wood glue. Remember, if you are using a ladder or footstool to have another adult help you during installation.

Pros –

  • Holds 10 rods
  • Weather resistant
  • Linear design

Potential problems –

  • While ABS plastic is strong it is not as strong as metal

Summary –

Priced around $25 dollars this fishing rod holder is a steal. IT is well crafted and can hold a large number of rods at once. If you need to organize your fishing gear pick up this rod holder and get started this weekend.