Best Fishing Rod Storage Systems

Fishing is a great sport that humans have been enjoying the benefits of for thousands of years. One issue that man has never been able to solve is the best method for fishing rod storage. A good fishing rod is very expensive and is often a highly prized possession so it is important that they are protected while they are not in use.

The best way to avoid damage to your fishing gear is to have a high quality fishing rod storage system. There are many makes and models available of rod holders on the market and they can typically be installed anywhere.

We reviewed all of the popular fishing rod storage solutions on shelves right now and came up with our three favorites, if you need help storing your fishing gear then read more below!

Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack

Okuma Expandable ABS Rod RackPossibly the best fishing rod storage product currently is the Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack. This fishing rod rack can be mounted onto a wall or function as a stand alone unit.

It is able to hold up to 16 rods and nets one one time and is made or solid ABS plastic to give it a long lifespan, even in tough conditions.

How to install –

Installation is easy and the only tool needed is a Philips head screwdriver.  The rod holder can be mounted onto a wall or installed as a free standing unit. When mounted to a wall the unit lays flat against the wall with all 16 holds facing the front.  When it is assembled as a free standing unit the holders are back to back, with 8 on each side.

Pros –

  • Holds 16 rods or nets
  • 2 methods of installation
  • Quality ABS plastic construction

Potential Problems –

  • Aesthetics, this unit is best used in a garage or tool shed, not next to your fishing trophies.

Summary –

Overall, the Akuma fishing rod holder is a great storage unit. The rack comes at a fair price and is made out of high quality plastic. If you are looking for a holder that can store many rods in your garage then be sure to check this unit out.

Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley

Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley Rolling Wire RackAnother fishing pole storage option is the Organized Fishing Tackle Trolley. This trolley can hold up to 12 rods in addition to have 3 shelves for storing coolers, tackle boxes and other fishing gear.

Each shelf is fully adjustable and able to hold up to 50 pounds of equipment, making it strong enough to hold even the biggest tackle box. The four wheels at the bottom allow for easy positioning and can be locked once the trolley is in the perfect position.

How to install –

Setting up this trolley takes only a few minutes. It comes with a good set of directions that should help you get your rods stored in no time. The shelves are held into the metal rods by plastic sleeves and can require some elbow grease to get in the perfect position.

Pros –

  • Classy
  • Holds 12 rods
  • 3 shelves for additional storage

Potential problems –

  • Skinny wheels can cause problems if you try to move the unit too quickly or load it down with too much weight

Summary –

In the end this trolley is a great pole storage unit for your garage, tool shed or man cave.  It is well made, able to hold lots of equipment. If you are interested in this product be sure to search online as it can often be found cheaper than in sporting goods stores.

Bass Fishing Rod Rack

Bass Fishing Rod RackThe final unit that we like was the Bass Fishing Rod Rack. This fishing rod storage unit is unique in a few different ways. To start with, it has a huge fish on top.

This cute critter is something that fisherman will either love or hate, so be careful getting this as a gift! The unit is hand painted and made of 100% metal making it strong enough to hold even a heavy rod. The rack can hold up to 5 rods and can be mounted on any wall with studs.

How to install –

Installing this rod holder is very easy and the in box instruction are simple to follow. The only tool you will need is a power drill and possibly a level is you are a perfectionist.

Pros –

  • Unique hand painted fish
  • Holds 5 rods
  • 100% metal

Potential problems –

  • The painted fish on top might not be for everyone
  • Fisherman with lots of gear may need a bigger rod holder

Summary –

The Bass Fishing Rod Rack is a unique rod holder that’s quality and design allow it to stand out from the crowd. While it is not the biggest holder on the market it is certainly the most interesting and is sure to be a conversation starter! If you are looking for an artistic rod holder for your garage or trophy room then give serious consideration to this unit.