Best Wooden Fishing Rod Holders

Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack

A wooden fishing rod rack is a great way to store your fishing rods and look great at the same time.  Not protecting your fishing rods while they are not in use is an easy way to find them cracked, warped and with other damage the next time you pack them up to go fishing.

It can be difficult to find a high quality wooden rod rack, there are many holders that are carved from low quality wood or are manufactured out of plastic with cheap wood panels glued to the sides.  We compiled a list of the best wood fishing poles racks, if your interested in more information keep reading below.

Organized Fishing 16 Capacity Solid Wood Rod Rack

Organized Fishing Oak Finish Round Floor Fishing Rod RackThe Organized Fishing 16 Capacity Solid Wood Rod Rack was one of our favorite choices for a number of reasons.  First, Organized Fishing is a great outdoors company that always makes great products so when we saw their name on this product we already had a smile on our face.

The second reason we loved this rod rack was the solid wood design.  It is constructed out of solid pine wood and given a clear lacquer finish to protect the wood.  Many other products on the market are simply plastic with wood paneling glued to the side so when we found a solid wood holder that did not break the bank we were impressed!

The final reason we liked this unit was that it can hold up to 16 rods at a time.  Many other units hold far less which can be a problem for fisherman that have a large collection of rods.  The rods are held in securely in place with rubber clips to give them extra protection.  In addition, this product also comes with a one year warranty to give you extra piece of mind.

Organized Fishing 12 Rod Pine Corner Rack

Organized Fishing 12 Rod Pine Corner RackLike the previous model, the Organized Fishing 12 Rod pine corner rack is a great rod rack from the Organized Fishing Company.  Unlike many other rod racks, this one fits into a corner, so be sure you know where you want to place it before you make a purchase.  A corner rack fits well in any garage, storage unit or fishing cabin because it takes up little room and looks great at the same time.

This unit is made out of solid pine that has been stained with a natural finish and is 31 inches once fully assembled.  It can hold up to 12 fishing poles at a time and offers a fully 90 degrees of storage.

If you are in the market for a corner fishing pole rack that will fit into any corner and look great at the same time click here to read more information about this product.

Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack

Rush Creek 12-Rod Corner RackAnother great corner rod rack is the Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Corner Rod Rack. This fishing rod holder is hand crafted out of solid pinewood and given a skip peel, scratch=resistant, polyurethane finish. Once assembled your rods will be held in place by strong rubber grips to provide maximum protection.

It can hold up to 12 fishing rods at a time and will look great in any corner of your home or lake house. The unit measures 16 in. by 12 in by 30.5 in making it big enough to safely store your fishing rods but small enough that it is not constantly in your way.

One of the main benefits of this model over other corner rod racks is that the inner curve of the rod storage area provides more protection to your rods than an outer curve.

An outer curve will leave reels exposed damage from people walking by. An inner curve on the other hand will provide extra protection from damage that could pote