Scotty 256 Triple Rod Holder

For some fisherman one rod holder simply is not enough.  Sometimes you have to have more lines in the water than you have hands for and a triple rod holder is the perfect tool to use.

A triple rod holder is exactly the same as a normal fishing pole holder except it has extra slots to hold 2 additional rods. If you are looking for a high quality rod holder that can hold multiple fishing rods at once then the Scotty Triple Rod Holder may be the product for you.

Like other Scotty products this rod holder is made from fiber reinforced nylon, making it strong enough not to crack, even when 3 fish are on the lines. One of the first things a veteran fisherman considers when purchasing a rod holder is how strong it is and how much pressure it can withstand. This is essential as a broken rod holder can mean valuable fishing poles falling overboard as well as allowing fish to get away.

Scotty 256 Triple Rod HolderA triple rod holder can be used for a few other unique jobs on the water as well. One of the most popular ways to use a triple rod holder is attach fishing poles to the outside rod holders and attach your fish locator to the middle holder. This set up is perfect when you are alone on your boat and want to have your lines in the water while you check the electronics.

How to install

Installation is simple and anyone that has used a screw driver before should have no problems. Be sure to measure exactly where you want to install the holder at so you can avoid drilling unnecessary holes. Do not rush the installation process. Remember, poor installation of boating equipment may save a few minutes today but will cause problems down the road.

Pros –

There are many great features on the triple rod holder. One of the best features is the 360 degree tilt and swivel features. Being able to tilt and position a rod holder exactly where you want it is essential, and even more important when multiple fishing poles are attached. Another important feature is the strength of the construction.

Every fisherman has a friend that bought a cheap rod holder at a garage sale only to see their favorite fishing rod go over the side of the boat into the water the first time a fish was on the line. Fiber reinforced nylon is almost impossible to break or crack, and it if does you will most likely need a bigger boat!

Cons –

One of the only downsides to this rod holder is the weight and size. Since it holds multiple fishing rods it does weigh slightly more than a single rod holder would. Be sure to keep this in mind if you plan on installing it on a kayak or other small boat. Be sure you leave enough room to comfortable move around inside the boat once you are on the water. A crowded boat is uncomfortable and can be a danger to everyone on board.


If you are in the market for a fishing rod holder that can hold multiple poles simultaneously then the Scotty Triple Rod Holder is the fishing pole holder for you.  It is built to last forever and is quick and easy to install, making it the perfect option to install on your boat before heading out to the lake this weekend with your friends and family.