Top 3 Fishing Rod Racks

Rack’Em 12 Rod Ceiling Or Boat Bimini Top Rod Rack

Protecting your fishing rods when they are not in use can be tough. Many do not want to keep them inside their home and the garage is usually full of lawn equipment and automobiles. Fisherman have tried everything from PVC pipes to golf bags and in the end always discover the best way to store their poles is with a fishing rod rack.

There are many different styles and models on the market so be sure to carefully consider how many rods you are trying to store and the best rod holder style for your home before making a purchase.

Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack

Okuma Expandable ABS Rod RackOne of our favorite rod racks for storing our fishing poles is the Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack. The Okuma rod rack can be free standing or mounted to a wall, allowing it to be positioned nearly anywhere in your house. It can be assembled in only moments and while it is constructed of plastic it is very sturdy and has no problem holding heavy rods and nets.

The Okuma fishing rod holder can hold up to 16 fishing rods at a time letting you keep all of your poles in one place.  A common trick among fisherman is to store your nets and tackle box with your rod rack.

This will keep your nets from getting tangled and you will have all of your gear ready to go at a moments notice. While it might not be the fanciest rod holder on the market it is reliable and comes at a great price.

Berkley Horizontal Boat Rod Rack

Berkley Horizontal 4 Rod RackAnother fishing rod rack that we recommend is the Berkley Horizontal Boat Rod Rack. This fishing rod rack consists of 2 separate pieces that are mounted onto the wall in a horizontal position.

It is made of high quality plastic and is capable of holding up to 4 fishing poles at once. Around each of the the holders is a layer of super soft protective foam to help prevent cracks and keep your fishing pole in top shape.

The Berkley rod rack can be installed in a number of different ways. The two most popular are using liquid nails or screws. The most common way to install this rod holder is to simply put some screws into a stud in your wall at the right height. Remember, measure twice cut once, so you don’t end up with an uneven rod rack.

The second most common installation method is using liquid nails. This is a great choice on boat or in camper where you do not want to be drilling holes. If you are installing this on fiberglass be extremely careful if you decide to use screw, one wrong move could cause it to crack.

RACK’EM Overhead Fishing Rod Rack

Rack'Em Overhead 12-Rod Fishing Rod RackA unique way to store your fishing rods is overhead instead of on the ground or attached to the wall. The RACK’EM Overhead Fishing Rod Rack can be mounted to any ceiling, indoors or outdoors, and can hold up to 12 fishing rods at a time. The holder is made out of powdered covered steel to prevent damage to your poles.

It is easy to lift the poles into and out of the holders as there is no complex locking mechanism, gravity is all that is needed to hold these fishing rods in place. This rod holder is so tough that is can even be mounted outdoors. One common place to see it on the bottom of a Bimini.