Best Truck Fishing Rod Holders

Bedrail Fishing Rod Holder

Truck fishing rod holders are a great way to hold your fishing pole while you are fishing at the lake.  Most fisherman already own a holder for their boat but many do not remember to use one on their truck.

When you are fishing from the shore line it is essential to have your hook and line in the water for as long as possible making a rod holder almost essential.

Quality truck mounted fishing rod holders are difficult to find.  Many cheap holders can damage the paint job on your truck and drop your fishing pole the second you get a bite. If you are looking for a high quality truck fishing rod holder keep reading for information and reviews.

Portarod 3-Rod Holder Fishing Rod Holder

Portarod 3-Rod Holder Fishing Rod HolderThe Portarod 3-Rod Holder Fishing Rod Holder is one of the premier truck mounted rod holders on the market for a number of reasons.  Unlike some models, the Portarod 3-rod holder fits inside any size truck, even smaller models. The truck fishing rod holder attaches via a ratcheting support bar that is expandable from 53″ to 84″.

The Portarod is fully adjustable and can be set to almost any vertical angle, allowing you to utilize it on any lake, river or stream. The holder can be installed in second and requires no drilling or bolts needed to install the unit.  hen the unit is not in use it can be compacted down for easy storage in a garage or tool shed.

Bedrail Fishing Rod Holder

Bed rail fishing rod holders are a popular type of fishing rod holder for trucks. This holder by Plattinum Products can be fitted to almost any size pickup in a breeze, and no holes have to be drilled.

Fishing Rod Holder Across Bedrail for Full Size TrucksAnother fishing rod holder for truck beds is the Fishing Rod Holder Across Bedrail unit. This holder is designed to fit in smaller sized trucks so if you have a large vehicle it may be best to consider another model.  This holder, manufactured out of solid aluminium by Plattinum Products, LLC, can hold up to 9 fishing rods at once.

The holder measures 51″ to 58 3/4″ allowing it to easily attach to most trucks bed rails without scratching the paint or causing damage to other parts of the vehicle. The unit attaches via an adjustable “L” bracket that clamps to the bed rail. The holding tubes have 6 inch diameters and are lined with a black vinyl o-ring to protect your rod from damage while inside.

The holder is adjustable from 56.5 inches all the way to 66 inches wide, allowing it to fit comfortably inside and make or model truck. The rod holder is able to hold up to 9 rods at once and is safe to drive on the highway with.

Over The Tailgate Aluminum Fishing Rod Holder

Over The Tailgate Aluminum Fishing Rod HolderOne of the most popular methods of attaching your rod holder to your truck is to use the tailgate. Made in the United States, the Plattinum Products Over The Tailgate Aluminum Fishing Rod Holder is crafted out of solid aluminium and is guaranteed to never rust. This over the tailgate rod holder can hold up to 6 fishing poles at a time and has high quality craftsmanship and construction.

One of the biggest benefits of the model is the short installation time. Other models required drilling, hooks and clamps. This unit on the other hand is installed by simply placing it over the tailgate. There is USA! Rubber padding on the bottom of the unit to protect your paint job for scratches and dents.  A 1 inch strap and thumb buckle is included upon purchase to use this unit while the truck is in motion.

Fishing Rod Holder Rack with Fold Down Platform

Fishing Rod Holder Rack with Fold Down PlatformOne of the easiest ways to install a fishing rod holder onto your truck is to use the hitch.  The Fishing Rod Holder Rack with Fold Down Platform by Plattinum Products can hold up to 200 pounds and fit into any standard 2″ receiver hitch.

The platform is built to hold large 150-164 quart marine coolers or serve as a perfect platform for tailgating, camping, at the ballpark or even luggage on the way to the airport. The height is fully adjustable and the overall dimensions : 46 1/2″ x 12″  x 26″.  A black 1″ x 10′ ratchet strap is included with the rack to help hold your cooler in place.

Hitch Fishing Rod Holder

Hitch Fishing Rod HolderHitch fishing rod holders are another popular style of fishing rod holders for trucks.  Like their name suggest, hitch fishing rod holders are installed onto your trucks hitch. This means that if you plan on pulling a trailer, boat or R.V. this style of fishing pole holder will not work for you.

The holder fits into any 2-inch standard hitch and is safe to drive with. The fishing rod holders are 6 inches in diameter and will fit most common fishing poles. The best part is installation is as easy as sliding it into your hitch and putting your rods in the water.

This Hitch Fishing Rod Holder is made out of solid aluminum and has room to 6 fishing rod holders at the same time. It is made with high-quality craftsmanship and is as solid as it looks. One thing to note is that the lock pin for the receiver hitch is not included with this product.

If you are looking for a new truck mounted fishing rod holder then you should give serious consideration to the two products above. Both are great fishing rod holders for trucks and will serve you will on your next fishing trip.